Visiting Every Neighborhood of Tamarindo in Rental Car

With so much to offer, Tamarindo is a perfect vacation destination. You can discover the interiors of the city personally by hiring a car. Car Rental Tamarindo makes your traveling convenient and secure., a premier car rental provider in Costa Rica offers a huge range of well-maintained cars at affordable prices. You can choose the most suitable car and reserve it online.

The city of Tamarindo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Tamarindo is primarily famous for its Tamarind beach, offering plenty of water activities. The city was named ‘Tamarindo’ after the Tamarind trees that form boundaries of the beach. Tamarindo has a favorable temperature which keeps the tourists pouring in throughout the year. It provides a perfect getaway for those who seek a relaxing holiday full of adventure, great cuisines, shopping and night life.

tamarindo beach

Tamarindo- A Mecca for Surfers!

Tamarindo is a small city with enormous list of activities. The Playa Tamarindo Beach is famous the world over for its clear waters and liveliness. To enjoy the marine beauty, you can fish, surf, sail, ski, or scuba dive. Besides the water activities, you can also take an eco-trip to the dense forests and pristine shores of Tamarindo. Baulas of Guanacaste Marine National Park and Ostional Wildlife Refuge are perfect for strolling and discovering the rich flora and fauna.

You can also witness the unique leather-back turtles lay their eggs at the Playa beach. Tamarindo has achieved a Vegas-like status with its exciting nightlife.

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